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Text Box: Hello, my name is Amelia; I live in Chicago, and am currently a student. I have not been practicing photography for very long, but I greatly enjoy it and the never ending learning that comes with it.  I started with the “Ribbon Project”, or the “Memory Project”, as I like to call it. Soon after that, I became increasingly interested in the abandoned house a couple of blocks away from my own. I figured what better way to visually demonstrate a memory than with an abandoned home. 
Well, as I’m sure you have noticed, after that visit I couldn’t get enough of those beautiful places. I explore these structures not only because they are unique to photograph, but also because each one tells a different story and each of those stories beg to be told. So, that is my goal in creating this website, so that others may see these places as something other than a threatening, run Text Box: What can I say about myself except to say that my name is Ron Koons. I live in the Midwest and work as a professional computer and systems geek for a major Engineering consulting firm. But most of all… I’m a Dad.
Since we started these adventures of Urban Exploration and other photo-excitement, I have been what you might call her faithful side-kick. Once tagging along mainly because she wasn’t really old enough to do it on her own, I now go because I wouldn’t have it any other way. The highlight of my week is when we jump in the old Toyota on a Saturday morning and head out to a new site.  Here I get to do one of my favorite past times: watch the master at work!
I know… It all sounds too much like the overly proud Papa and I know it embarrasses her … but to this I say, of course I am!
But in this case, it really is much more than parental pride. I see in her a natural talent that is able to see a whole world in the small details of a rusty locker door or an old hallway that other people have long forgotten.
I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed putting this together.
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