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Text Box: Hello and welcome to the site. 
From time to time the website will change as updates are made; These updates will be posted here. In addition, we will post  any important news pertaining to the structures shown, or any new projects I am involved in.
If you have any questions or comments please email me at  the address noted below!

Thanks and enjoy!!

Part Ninja… Part Pirate, and all good times.

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Text Box: September 7, 2009:
New Exploration Gallery Added!
Check out our new collection from the “I-55 / Darren Silos”  site in the Explorations Gallery!
Text Box: September 29, 2009:
New Exploration Gallery Added!

Check out our new collection from a Midwest High School in the Explorations Gallery!
Text Box: January 8, 2010:
New Gallery Added!

It’s a new year, and time for a new gallery, and some new additions to an older gallery! First off, look for some new  photos in “City Methodist”, as well as the addition of a historical photo or two. Next, we have added another site from lovely downtown Gary, as we explore an old apartment building.  Look for even more surprises in the coming weeks!
Finally, the “ETSY” link has been removed temporarily while we make  some changes to that portion of our site. 
Text Box: May 8, 2010:
The master is back!

The school year is finished, and  the master is back with Camera in hand. We are already planning some new explorations, and are also ready to show off some of her new  stuff  from late last year. Check out our new  photos.
Also, a new  camera has been added to the arsenal.  We now have a new Canon a330 with 18-55MM & 55-200MM lenses.